Friday, February 15, 2008

I think I will relax now

Well that is what I thought, but I didn’t.

Last year was crazy, we follow our dream and suddenly there it is and then it is too much. Who understands us humans? Gosh, we are so complicated, or perhaps it is just me.

Every year I present a project for the Ministry of Culture to get support, the last years I have been lucky, as it also helps me to pay the rent of my performing space. But this year I thought because I had to write the dissertation, that I was going to relax. When the Ministry of Culture announced that we could begin to send the new proposals, I told my colleague “This time I need to concentrate in my dissertation”, she panicked and asked “And how are you going to pay the rent”, so I had to forget about relaxing and began to work in both things. I thought I was not going to get support as just three projects were going to be contemplated in the whole north. But hey, I got a letter “you will have support for your project”. Well… ok…I will relax later..

I can’t believe I did both things, I finished my dissertation (in panic) and I created a whole new production (in panic), but I did it. This was in November…December came…now really, really, I will relax…oh no!!...I had forgotten I had the whole month with projects with another association, workshops and performances which is one of the few things that I will relax in January…but I couldn’t, although I forced myself to just do solitaires and travel aimlessly through the net, but how I could rest when inside my head were all the list of things I had to do. The new applications for the Ministry of culture opened at the same time that I needed to apply for another organization, three projects: dance-theatre, music and a project to be supported as a group. I had also to rehearse as I have this tour to Mexico, but nope, no relaxation when the head is busy thinking about what you have to do.

I take the plane on Sunday, and I am sure I will relax then…oh wait, I am afraid of flying

Some pictures from these last months:

December, finishing taking down the lights and cleaning the space. These two princesses are my producer (to the right) and a video artist that for my performances was in charge of dealing with the projector as I was too nervous watching at my performers (lol). By the way I am very proud of this place for the public, last six months ago were only chairs..improvement !! Ok I don't like those brown things

Same girls on stage, above is my light designer fighting with some cables, I am just taking pictures ;-)

This is the apartment of Reinhild Hoffmann, I worked with her for many years and my dissertation was about her work, so I went to Berlin in August to interview her, she was incredibly generous and I loved how she has her bookshelves, I wanted to do something like this at home as I have too many books, I think it looks great

This is a historical picture, getting drunk with Reinhild Hoffmann and Susanne Linke, I had so much fun with them both, we are all crazy. To my right (I am the one showing too many teeth), is my friend Sveine from Iceland and her producer.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am back I have so much to write and to update...but to begin with... some pictures

A nice sunset from my balcony

I adopted a new dog, I can't believe it, the neighbour wanted to abandon him, so hey another one.

He has been a joy to my other two old dogs .

It was a very good decision for everybody...more later