Sunday, July 01, 2007

Messy Gabi and Iceland

It has been so long since I post something here, that I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps I can do it by acknowledging, that I am a complete mess.

I used to be very organized and therefore I could create in advance a new piece. But lately I jump from one project to the next with poor results and then I panic that I will not have enough time to finish it. The point is that I know how to resolve this and I don’t do it, I continue to have self-defeating behaviours, like been addicted now to Yahoo Answers, that is actually highly addictive and a waste of time, so please don’t go there.

I should be so happy, I got support again from the Ministry of Culture, but between the programs in my space which I have to create and perform myself because of lack of money, my dissertation and now the new supported project, it seems just like too much, especially that I continue to be my own worst secretary. At least for the project for the Ministry of Culture I will be able to hire an assistant.

Anyway, I should be happy and I know the only problem is that I am not organizing myself. Perhaps I am getting scared of not being able to do these projects with quality, as they are perhaps to many for one person.


I don't want to think about this now....

Perhaps tomorrow...

Now I post some more pictures of Iceland. I was there last week, I went for a friend's wedding, I loved it there. Almost no one, just the kind of place I like, perfect for a not very sociable person as myself (lol)

During the week I hope to post something more interesting than just this complain...I will think about this also later.

p.s. Thank you Andy ;-)