Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Film that makes a difference

A sculpture in Utrecht, I loved it, so happy :-)

I tried to send this to several friends, but for some reason some got it as SPAM! Arrghhh..so I decided to post it here. Warning, it will make you cry

Film that makes a difference

Monday, May 14, 2007

Space Photos

Why I feel I have to write? I don't feel like it
Why then I feel it has to be intelligent? Who said so?...mhh...my mother used to say it...mhh...perhaps that is why I ask the question. What is wrong to allow ourselves to show to the world the part of us that is not smart at all ;-) Or that at least that is the way we learnt to see it. Perhaps being conscious of being not smart/intelligent is the proof that we are smart/intelligent......at the end who cares? It is about being happy with the tools we have...I feel better then..do I?

I needed to post something and I found this great pictures for the ones that like the thrill of sending a rocket to the sky.

Space Photos

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pictures from Holland

I just came back, I am exhausted and decided to do NOTHING today. It comes quiet handy because anyway it is cloudy, cold and rainy. Amazing that in Holland many days were up to 28 degrees!

Work went well and I managed to control my nerves during a presentation, it is worse than performing! I had to rehearse and rehearse, especially talking... s l o w l y...I managed...pure discipline! lol

Now just the dissertation, plus all the projects I have for new choreographies, but i will not think about this today ;-)

Some pictures:

This is the University

My group, small but wonderful:

View across the school's street: